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Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade


Stellar Blade

Romanizado EN-US


17 +

Classificação : 17+

Idade minima permitida é de: 17 anos.


Save humanity from extinction in this action adventure with an electrifying story.
The future of humanity lies at the end of a sword. Destroyed by bizarre creatures, planet Earth was abandoned, with only a decimated human race surviving, taking refuge in a space colony.
After leaving the Colony, the warrior EVE lands on a desolate planet, with just one mission: to save humanity by rescuing Earth from the NA:tives, an evil force that has devastated the planet.
But when EVE begins attacking the NA:tei and piecing together the puzzle that is the mystery of the past while exploring the ruins of human civilization, she discovers that her mission is far from simple. In fact, not everything as it seems is...


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