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Look Back

Look Back


Look Back

Romanizado EN-US



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Fujino is a fourth grader who writes a series of four-frame manga in the school newspaper.
She gets great reviews from her classmates and is absolutely confident in her drawing skills, but one day she sees a four-frame manga by her classmate Kyomoto in the school newspaper for the first time and is surprised by the high level of her drawing skills.
From then on, Fujino continued to draw manga without looking away, but the gap between her drawing ability and Kyomoto's never narrowed, and she gave up drawing manga.

However, on the day of her elementary school graduation, her teacher asks Fujino to give her diploma to Kyomoto, where she meets him for the first time and tells him that she has always been his fan.

Kyomoto, who once made her give up drawing manga, and Fujino, who has now started drawing manga together.
What united the two girls was their sincere love of manga.
But one day, an incident destroys everything...

(Source: Official Site, translated)


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