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All Hail King Julien

All Hail King Julien


All Hail King Julien

Oficial XX

Todos saudam o rei Julien

Oficial pt-br


  • Tipo: Cartoon
  • Gênero: Aventura Comédia
  • Colorido: Sim
  • Duração: 22 Minutos
  • Status: Finalizado
  • Estreia: 2014-12-19
  • Temporada: 🍂 Outono
  • Ano: 2014
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Classificação : 1+

Classificação considerada como Livre.


When King Julien XII (also known as Uncle King Julien), a very strict and cowardly ring-tailed lemur is foretold to be eaten by fossa (spelled and pronounced as "foosa"), he abdicates his throne in favor of his nephew, who becomes King Julien XIII, a fun, notorious party animal, who now has an entire kingdom of lemurs to lead on his own. While Uncle King Julien is gone, the new King Julien gets into various troubles in the company of his adviser Maurice, his head of security Clover the crowned lemur, and his biggest fan Mort. All the while, his devious uncle returns and tries to get rid of his nephew to reclaim the throne. Aside from Uncle King Julien and the foosa, Julien deals with other threats like the mad fanaloka Karl, and Clover's twin sister Crimson.