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Kuroneko to Majo no Kyoushitsu

Kuroneko to Majo no Kyoushitsu


Kuroneko to Majo no Kyoushitsu

Oficial XX

The Classroom of a Black Cat and a Witch

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Classificação não definida, recomendamos que Avalie os gêneros e veja reviews sobre a obra.


The Royal Diana Academy is a prestigious school that accepts individuals with adept magical abilities. Upon graduation, these students find themselves at the top of their field or employed by the royal family. Spica Virgo dreams of studying at the academy, aiming to be a top-rate sorceress like her idol Claude Sirius. Claude is a world-renowned sorcerer who became the institution's youngest instructor, but mysteriously disappeared soon after. Lacking the experience and connections required for admission, Spica finds herself unable to make meaningful progress with her training. One day, however, she meets a talking black cat with magical abilities. Hoping to change the situation for the better, she begs the animal to take her as his apprentice and teach her the magic she needs to attend the academy. The cat accepts the deal on one condition—she must find a way to reverse his feline curse. Despite the arduous challenges ahead of her, Spica is determined to prove herself as a student worthy of the cat's mentorship.


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