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Wakakusa no Yon Shimai

Wakakusa no Yon Shimai


Little Women

Sinônimo EN

Wakakusa Monogatari Yori Wakakusa no Yon Shimai

Sinônimo JA-JP

Young Grass Story: Four Sisters of Young Grass

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  • Tipo: Anime
  • Gênero: Drama Slice Of Life
  • Formato: TV
  • Episódios: 26
  • Colorido: Sim
  • Duração: 23 Minutos
  • Duração total: ~9h 58m
  • Status: Finalizado
  • Estreia: 1981-04-07
  • Temporada: 🌼 Primavera
  • Ano: 1981
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Classificação : 1+

Classificação considerada como Livre.


In the United States, the Civil War has just broken out and Mr March, a physician and father of four daughters, went to the front. Madam March remains alone with her four daughters: the eldest Margaret (Meg), Josephine (Jo) budding writer, a real boy failed, Elisabeth (Beth), the timid passionate piano, and the latest addition, Amy, who loves to draw. The four girls will quickly get to know their neighbor Mr. Lawrence, which they had a little scared at first, but also to his grandson Laurie who at the age of Jo. Together, they go through many hardships, more or less happy, the furies of Aunt March, jealousies, the joys and the war in fabric background, hoping that their father will come back safe and sound...