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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones


The Lovely Bones

Oficial XX

Um Olhar do Paraíso

Oficial pt-br


  • Tipo: Filme
  • Gênero: Drama Fantasia
  • Colorido: Sim
  • Duração: 155 Minutos
  • Status: Finalizado
  • Estreia: 2009-12-11
  • Temporada: 🍂 Outono
  • Ano: 2009
14 +

Classificação : 14+

Idade minima permitida é de: 14 anos.


December 6, 1973. Norristown, Pennsylvania, suburb of Philadelphia. Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) is returning home when she is approached by George Harvey (Stanley Tucci), a neighbor who lives alone. George convinces her to enter a retreat, which he built. Inside, Susie is murdered. Susie's parents, Jack (Mark Wahlberg) and Abigail (Rachel Weisz), initially refuse to believe her daughter's death, but must accept the situation when her cap is found in the midst of a cornfield, next to the wreckage of the retreat that is full of blood. In the midst of investigations, the police talk to George but do not place him among the suspects. In time, Jack and Lindsey (Rose McIver), Susie's sister, become suspicious of George. This whole situation is observed by Susie, who is now in a place between paradise and hell. There she has to deal with the feeling of revenge she has for George and the desire to help her family overcome the trauma of his death.