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Evil Crusher Maya

Evil Crusher Maya


Evil Crusher Maya

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A young girl was praying, a red balloon flies away...

In a medieval-style village, a young girl trying to escape a soldier with three dogs. As she is about to be captured, the man's head explodes, and appears a mysterious young man holding a red balloon in hand. Before falling to the ground, the soldier's body is a hideous form and then disappears, and the three dogs were transformed into demons and rushed the young man who removes easily. The girl, Nana, asked his identity: he says his name is Maya, the Evil Crusher girl then tells his savior what happens in his village three months ago, an individual named Emiria came to town and built a church. This man was a miracle which attracted the sympathy and even the veneration of the villagers against him. However, without explanation, he demanded the sacrifice of seven young girls on the memorial of the gods. The sacrificed must be thirteen-years-old and the young girl who had been saved in part. The fathers of future victims went to show their anger at the church, but none came. After hearing this, the young man decided to go to this church to remove Emiria.