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The Tick

The Tick


The Tick

Oficial XX


  • Tipo: Cartoon
  • Gênero: Comédia Superhero
  • Episódios: 36
  • Temporadas: 3
  • Colorido: Sim
  • Duração: 30 Minutos
  • Duração total: ~18h
  • Status: Finalizado
  • Estreia: 1994-09-10
  • Temporada: ☀️ Verão
  • Ano: 1994
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Classificação : 1+

Classificação considerada como Livre.


While still in college, Tick creator Ben Edlund was producing his independent comic book series The Tick based on the character. He was eventually approached by Kiscom, a small, New Jersey-based toy licensing and design company. Kiscom wanted to merchandise The Tick, much in the way that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a rival independent comic series, had been merchandised the previous year. Major TV networks and studios were reluctant to take on an animated series based on the absurd character. Kiscom stayed in touch with Edlund and finally Sunbow Entertainment, the small, New York-based animation company that created The Transformers, G.I. Joe, and The Mask, paired him up with writer Richard Liebmann-Smith. Neither had any experience in animation or television, but for two months they worked vigorously on the first episode of The Tick. Neither man held high esteem for their final script, and their feelings were validated when FOX turned down the first pitch. They were given one more chance to refine it in five days. Over one weekend, they worked "instinctively" with little sleep and ended up satisfying FOX. Edlund later reflected, "We kind of defined in one weekend exactly where the show went for that first season, which was cool."