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Motoyan Nouka no H ga Yabai!
Motoyan Nouka no H ga Yabai!

Motoyan Nouka no H ga Yabai!


Former Delinquent Farmer’s Sex Appeal Is Dangerous! At Least Let Me Feel You Up

Oficial EN-US


18 +

Classificação : 18+

Idade minima permitida é de: 18 anos.


"Your tits are about the size of the melons we grow here... You've grown up in all the right places."
He takes her nipples in between his fingers and rubs them all over... She wants to resist him, but why does it feel so good...? Chiaki returns home to the countryside after getting her heart broken. She planned to spend a relaxing time at home, but her parents quickly find her a job! Her work partner is none other than the former delinquent, Daigo, who she's known since she was little...! Chiaki is hired to do PR work to promote Daigo's vegetables, and ends up living with him to do close coverage of his work... Daigo's crass and unrestricted behavior exhausts her from the very first day. In the end, he starts groping Chiaki's breasts while he's half-asleep... Daigo, your breast instinct is way too strong!

(Source: Mobile Media Research, translated)