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Isekai de Café wo Kaiten shimashita.

Isekai de Café wo Kaiten shimashita.


Isekai de Café wo Kaiten shimashita.

Oficial XX


Oficial ja-jp


10 +

Classificação : 10+

Idade minima permitida é de: 10 anos.


Kurokawa Lisa is an ordinary office worker, who has practiced lots of cooking while living alone. One day, she wakes up in another world, with a concerned little spirit hovering over her! She has apparently been transported to a magical, spirit-filled realm by the will of the goddess, and there is no known way for her to go back. She is taken in by a wealthy couple, and they and her new spirit helper treat her with nothing but kindness. There is one problem, however—the food in this magical world is gross! Lisa insists on helping the household cooking staff prepare a traditional meal from her world, and it is a big hit with her hosts. Soon Lisa knows what she should do in this new world; she should open a cafe and treat everyone to delicious food!